Roselle Jewelry Retail Store offers free parking for customers who drive

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Roselle Jewelry offers free parking for customers who drive.
From now on, you can get up to an extra 2 hours of free parking with any purchase of any product over the specified amount, which can be used in conjunction with the shopping mall promotions:
Applicable to the following malls-
Windsor House, Causeway Bay / THE ONE, Tsim Sha Tsui
Free 1 hour parking with purchase over HKD2,000
Free 2-hour parking with purchase over HKD4,000
*Parking discounts are only available in designated shopping malls, and the maximum free time is 2 hours. This promotional offer can be used in combination with the free parking hours promoted by the mall.
#Parking offer is only for retail store purchases, excluding any online store purchase orders for retail store pickup.


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