al·​loy | ˈa-ˌlȯi


A combination of metals fused together

Oftentimes, alloy consists of a base metal, mixed with precious ore in order to make it harder, workable, or an entirely different color. An alloy is any malleable - qualified of being molded or warped into various figures - and adaptable base metal that is adjoined to a precious metal to improve its corrosion resistance and other properties. Alloys alter the overall properties of the precious metal, including its resilience, pilability, firmness and color. Gold is alloyed with other metals to enhance its overall durability. Commonly used gold alloys include 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, and18K palladium white gold. For instance, 18K yellow gold integrates 75 percent gold with cobalt and/or zinc, copper, and silver.



通常,合金由賤金屬組成,與貴重礦石混合,以使其更堅硬、可加工或完全不同的顏色。 合金是任何具有延展性的——有資格被模製或彎曲成各種形狀——以及與貴金屬相連以提高其耐腐蝕性和其他性能的適應性賤金屬。 合金會改變貴金屬的整體特性,包括其彈性、可起毛性、硬度和顏色。 黃金與其他金屬製成合金以提高其整體耐用性。 常用的金合金有18K黃金、18K白金、18K鈀白金。 例如,18K 黃金將 75% 的黃金與鈷和/或鋅、銅和銀結合在一起。