ai·​grette | ā-ˈgret


A hair ornament consisting of a feather plume or spray of glitter, often accentuated by either a jewel or buckle

A trend originated in India in the 1200’s, and whose popularity peaked in Europe in the 1800’s, is an extravagantly long, soft feather, or arrangement of feathers, typically arranged on the hair or hat. An Aigrette may also be found on any supplemental ornament, such as a headdress or headband. The piece is delicate, soft, and vintage; not considered a crown, yet is more dignified than a bejewelled head comb. These fantastical pieces are typically equipped with precious stones, and are the perfect addition for a towering hairstyle. The exotic appearance stems from the diversity in its feathers which include those from the ostrich, osprey, hummingbird, and egret.



一種趨勢在 1200 年代起源於印度,並在 1800 年代在歐洲達到頂峰,是一種奢華的長而柔軟的羽毛或羽毛排列,通常排列在頭髮或帽子上。 白鷺也可以在任何補充裝飾品上找到,例如頭飾或頭帶。 這件作品精緻、柔軟、復古; 算不上冠冕,卻比珠光寶氣的頭梳更有威嚴。 這些夢幻般的作品通常配備寶石,是高聳髮型的完美補充。 異國情調的外觀源於其羽毛的多樣性,其中包括來自鴕鳥、魚鷹、蜂鳥和白鷺的羽毛。