a·g·​s | ā-ˈjē-ˈes


American Gem Society: a professional organization formed in 1934 by several independent jewelers and the founder of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

AGS was founded to protect consumers from deceitful and faulty advertising, and to set and maintain ethical standards and practices within the industry. In order to join the AGS there are a specific set of requirements one must follow. Every member must comply with the peer-reviewed application procedures prior to a yearly recertification exam. AGS is the nation's leading jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection. AGS and its laboratories are focused on maintaining high standards of ethical performance and professional behavior in exchanges within the various segments of the jewelry industry.


美國寶石協會:由幾位獨立珠寶商和美國寶石學院 (GIA) 創始人於 1934 年成立的專業組織

AGS 的成立是為了保護消費者免受欺騙性和錯誤廣告的侵害,並在行業內製定和維護道德標準和實踐。 為了加入 AGS,必須遵循一組特定的要求。 在每年的重新認證考試之前,每位會員都必須遵守經過同行評審的申請程序。 AGS 是美國領先的致力於消費者保護的珠寶貿易組織。 AGS 及其實驗室致力於在珠寶行業各個領域的交流中保持高標準的道德表現和專業行為。