ag·​ate | a-gət


A variety of chalcedony found in all colors

Agates were one of the first stones ever fashioned by humankind. They are a versatile gem found hidden inside the rough exterior of volcanic rock. Agate beads are used extensively in Scottish jewelry, particularly in necklaces, rings, and earrings - some have even been used as marbles. Agate is available in a wide range of colors, which include black, brown, white, gray, red, pink, and yellow. The colors are generated by natural corruption and transpire as rotating bands within the agate. The various colors were produced as subsurfaces of various compositions which flowed into the cavity. The banding provides agates the captivating colors and patterns that make it a desired gemstone.



瑪瑙是人類最早製造的石頭之一。 它們是一種多用途的寶石,隱藏在火山岩粗糙的外部。 瑪瑙珠廣泛用於蘇格蘭珠寶,特別是項鍊、戒指和耳環——有些甚至被用作大理石。 瑪瑙有多種顏色可供選擇,包括黑色、棕色、白色、灰色、紅色、粉色和黃色。 顏色是由自然腐敗產生的,並在瑪瑙內以旋轉帶的形式散發出來。 各種顏色是作為流入空腔的各種成分的次表面產生的。 條帶為瑪瑙提供迷人的顏色和圖案,使其成為理想的寶石。