ac·​cent | ˈak-ˌsent


A jewelry piece or design element that is meant to draw attention to a different focal point

Accents may be added onto nearly any jewelry piece to effectively emphasize the other elements. Typically, an accent is a secondary design element that is meant to highlight the primary design element by providing contrast in texture, color, or perhaps, both. The contrast in the accent does not have to be bright or dramatic – accents are not what one first notices first in a piece, however, they provide overall balance to the piece. For example, accent diamonds are stones that are miniature and provide a direct cut. Oftentimes, they are used as trimming around the center stone of a ring, or another piece of jewelry, increasing its overall splendor. Another example of an accent is metal color, such as silver or bronze, that provide an accent to the main color(s) of the piece.



幾乎可以在任何珠寶上添加口音,以有效地強調其他元素。 通常,口音是輔助設計元素,旨在通過提供紋理、顏色或兩者的對比來突出主要設計元素。 口音的對比不一定是明亮或戲劇性的——口音不是一個人首先註意到的,但是,它們為作品提供了整體平衡。 例如,重音鑽石是微型且可直接切割的寶石。 通常,它們被用作戒指或另一件珠寶的主石周圍的裝飾,以增加其整體光彩。 重音的另一個示例是金屬色,例如銀色或青銅色,它們為作品的主要顏色提供重音。