ab·​a·​lo·​ne | a-bə-ˈlō-nē


A deposit made from inside a seashell

Abalone derives from any category of minute to immense sea snails, and saltwater gastropod molluscs in the family Haliotidae. Oftentimes, these snails are found in cold waters. Typically, abalone is collected in areas such as South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, North America, and Australia, and is roughly 75,000 years old. Abalone jewelry is largely favored because each piece is distinctive, coming in various shapes, styles, forms, cuts, and colors. Whilst pearl and natural stones provide characteristic facades and shapes, each abalone shell is unalike. For instance, some abalone is made in the natural form, while others are polished and re-shaped.


Abalone來自任何種類的微小到巨大的海螺,以及海螺科的鹹水腹足類軟體動物。 通常,這些蝸牛是在冷水中發現的。 通常,Abalone 採集於南非、新西蘭、日本、北美和澳大利亞等地區,大約有 75,000 年的歷史。Abalone首飾在很大程度上受到青睞,因為每件首飾都與眾不同,有各種形狀、樣式、形式、切割和顏色。 雖然珍珠和天然石材提供了獨特的外觀和形狀,但每個Abalone殼都不相同。 例如,有些Abalone是以自然形式製成的,而另一些則是經過拋光和重新塑造的。