A Jour

A Jour

a·​jour | ä-ˈzhu̇r


An open setting that leaves the pavilion facets open to the light

Punctured, cut away, or made colorless to such a degree to form a design, keeping the back of the stone open. This space allows additional light to pass into the gem so its shine and color appear more effervescent. In the 1800’s, a jour settings in fine jewelry gemstones quickly gained popularity, leading to its vast audience today. In effect, it is a scaled-down version of stained-glass and is deemed very laborious.



穿孔、切掉或無色到一定程度以形成設計,保持石頭背面敞開。 這個空間允許額外的光線進入寶石,使其光澤和顏色顯得更加活潑。 在 1800 年代,高級珠寶寶石中的日式鑲托迅速流行起來,吸引了今天的廣大觀眾。 實際上,它是彩色玻璃的縮小版,被認為非常費力。


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