nine kar·​at | ˈnine ker-ət


A gold alloy that includes 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% alloy

Used to define the purity of gold in jewelry, 9k refers to the amount of pure gold in a particular piece. Because gold is such a soft metal, it must often be mixed with an alloy to make it more durable. 9k gold is 37.5% gold and 62.5% alloy. The 9 refers to parts of 24, or karats, and is the minimum legal standard in the U.S. for something to be called gold. These karat standards may differ in other countries. For example, in Italy and France, the minimum standard is 1BK, while in the UK, the minimum is 9K.



一種金合金,包括 37.5% 純金和 62.5% 合金

用於定義珠寶中黃金的純度,9k 是指特定件中的純金含量。 因為黃金是如此柔軟的金屬,它必須經常與合金混合以使其更耐用。 9k 金是 37.5% 黃金和 62.5% 合金。 9 指的是 24 的部分,或克拉,是在美國被稱為黃金的最低法定標準。 這些克拉標准在其他國家可能有所不同。 例如在意大利和法國,最低標準是1BK,而在英國,最低標準是9K。