twen·​ty four kar·​at | ˈtwen-tē fȯr ker-ət


A gold or gold alloy that is over 99.95% pure gold

24k applies to the amount of pure gold in a particular piece. 24 refers to parts of 24, or karats, meaning, all 24 parts in the gold are pure gold - sans any other metals. 24k gold jewelry is not common because pure gold is compressible, bendable, and scratch-able. The 24k gold jewelry pieces that exist often serve as ceremonial purposes; or, in China and other Eastern markets, it’s used in traditional wedding jewelry such as bangles. Hence, it is not suited for regular forms of jewelry. 24k is a distinguishable, sharp yellow color - its elegance is unmistakable. These karat standards could be at variance from other countries. To illustrate, in Italy and France, the minimum standard is 1BK, however, in the United Kingdom, the minimum is 9K.


純度超過 99.95% 的黃金或金合金

24k 適用於特定作品中純金的數量。 24 指的是 24 的部分,或克拉,意思是黃金中的所有 24 部分都是純金 - 沒有任何其他金屬。 24k 金首飾並不常見,因為純金可壓縮、可彎曲且可刮擦。 存在的 24k 金首飾通常用作儀式用途; 或者,在中國和其他東方市場,它被用於手鐲等傳統婚禮首飾。 因此,它不適合常規形式的珠寶。 24k 是一種可區分的、鮮明的黃色——它的優雅是顯而易見的。 這些克拉標準可能與其他國家有所不同。 為了說明,在意大利和法國,最低標準是 1BK,而在英國,最低標準是 9K。